The Athens Story

Tradition, Service, Innovation

Athens Services has been providing waste collection and recycling services in Southern California for over 50 years.  Founded in 1957 by Jack Arakelian, Athens Services has maintained a rich tradition of commitment to service, community and the environment. The Arakelian Family continues to oversee the day-to-day operations of Athens Services, while still empowering their employees at every level. At Athens Services we strive to maintain an attitude of total customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, the entire organization has been structured into customer-driven business entities where quality of service is an obsession.

The Athens Advantage

We offer a variety of state-of-the-art services, including automated waste and recycling collection, green waste recycling programs, organics waste composting, special waste transportation, transfer and materials recovery, storage box rentals, and street and parking lot sweeping services in many areas of Southern California.

From one truck in the Athens District of Los Angeles, hence our name, to numerous municipal waste and recycling agreements, street sweeping municipal services, material recovery and composting facilities, operation and management of the San Bernardino Landfill system and over 5 decades of experience Athens Services is the leading waste and recycling company in Southern California. Our long history of service, innovation and tradition demonstrates our ability to meet the waste and recycling needs of any community.

Athens Services historical photos