Zero Waste

...or pretty darn close!

Athens Services understands the importance of Zero Waste in creating a more sustainable environment. Many of the businesses, organizations, and municipalities we service have adopted Zero Waste goals and programs.

What is Zero Waste?

  • Zero Waste requires that existing recycling and reuse efforts are maximized, while ensuring that products are designed for the environment and have the potential to be repaired, reused, recycled or composted.
  • Zero Waste (or pretty darn close) sets a goal for businesses, organizations and municipalities to minimize their discards by at least 90%.
  • Everything is considered a RESOURCE; nothing is a waste.
  • Priority is placed on “upstream” solutions to eliminate waste before it is created.
  • Designed to serve a business’s triple bottom line: People, Profit, Planet.


Why Zero Waste?

There is no away! We live on a finite planet and discarded material must be handled responsibly. By utilizing a Zero Waste system, businesses first reduce the amount of materials created thus saving natural resources, energy and water. Would be waste material is then reused, recycled, or composted reducing the amount of discards to landfill. Zero waste is designed to safely return materials back to industry or soil without any ill effects to human, animal or planet health.


How Can I Reduce Waste?

There are many businesses large and small that have adopted Zero Waste goals and action plans. We encourage researching and contacting businesses to better understand their process.

Athens Services’ helpful waste reduction tips:

Through our many services, Athens has assisted businesses in meeting their waste reduction goals. Contact us today to hear how we can help you.