How To Compost

Recycle Your Organic Material

Composting is the act of turning organic waste material into beneficial soil amendment. Whether in your backyard or at Athens Services’ facility American Organics, composting is the most ideal way to recycle your organic material and return it back to the earth.

The Importance of Composting

Composting helps eliminate organics to landfill, provides a fantastic fertilizer for soil and helps with water and nutrient retention. For a complete list of how Compost benefits “growing success” and the environment click here.

Did You Know…compostable organics and food waste fill up 30% of California landfills contributing to 12 million tons annually. When these organics decompose they create large quantities of Methane; landfill gas capture can collect some, but not all Methane. The Methane from landfills makes up 3% of all Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Composting supports California Law AB 32 which sets a state goal to reduce GHG to 1990 levels by year 2020.

How To Compost

To help reduce organics to landfill, Athens Services recommends engaging in a compost program. Depending on the city, some residential and business locations are able to utilize Athens Services’ food waste recycling program. Where food waste pickup is not available, we support at home composting to help reduce organics to landfill and reduce Green House Gas emissions.

At Home Composting Resources

The following programs provide backyard and worm composting bins, workshops, and tips:


Athens Services Food Waste Program

  • For more information on the Athens Services, Food Waste Program click here.
  • For details on our compost facility American Organics click here.