Measure Your Footprint

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Climate and Waste Calculators

Athens Services understands how important it is for each one of us to take action and reduce our environmental impact. From purchases to traveling, our behaviors have an effect on our communities and the planet.

Calculating your ecological footprint can help you can track and better understand how positive daily actions at home and work can aid in reducing carbon usage.

To help with this process, we recommended the following calculators for both individuals and businesses. These sites also include helpful tips and tools you can utilize to create a gentler footprint!

Individual and Business Calculators - Site includes climate calculators for households/individuals, small businesses, schools, local government.

U.S. EPA - Small Business Calculator - Company-Wide GHG Inventory for a Small Business.

U.S. EPA Recycled Content (ReCon) Tool - Calculate emission savings from using recycled content materials.

U.S. EPA – Waste Reduction Model (WARM) - Tracks GHG emission reductions and energy savings from different waste management practices.