American Organics Products and Blends

American Organics’ produces high quality blends of compost that are designed to be utilized as soil amendments. Our product is not recommended for direct use as a fertilizer, but we can work with you to create a specialized blend of compost that best suits your needs. 



Compost is derived mainly from municipal and commercial green waste recycling programs.  This organic matter is placed into appropriate windrows for thorough blending and then stabilized through a PFRP process (Process for Reducing Pathogens). 

Wood Chips

Our Wood Chips are manufactured from clean wood.  The particles sizes are between a half-inch and three inches in length, and not less than 3/8 inch in width and 1/16 inch in thickness.  At least 85% of the wood chips by volume conform to above size specifications.

Composted Mulch

Our Composted Mulch is primarily derived from shredded and partially decomposed tree trimmings, shrubs, and bark having a particle size between a half-inch and 4 inches.  At least 85% of the mulch by volume conforms to above size specifications.