Electronic Waste

Athens Helps You With Proper Disposal

What is E-Waste?

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) refers to any electronic equipment nearing its end-of-life. Electronics can include those devices that utilize electrical wiring, plug into an electric outlet, or take a battery or light bulb. Items can include: computers, phones, televisions, refrigerators, circuit boards, flash lights, light up toys and key chains, fluorescent bulbs/tubes, appliances, extension cords, network equipment, video games, all batteries, and more.

Proper Disposal

To avoid an interruption of your service, please do not place electronic waste (E-Waste) into your trash. State and Federal laws require special handling for E-Waste and other potentially hazardous materials.

If E-Waste is identified in your trash, it will be tagged and NOT collected.

Athens' Environmental Commitment

It is our commitment to support the California economy and global environment by ensuring the safe and proper disposal of California's electronic waste. Athens Services only partners with E-waste contractors who safely dismantle electronic waste in California. We do not knowingly supply electronic waste to companies who utilize prison labor and/or ship whole units overseas or out-of-state.

Residential Customers

Athens Services encourages residents to Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle their electronics. By donating or selling your electronics, you are helping the environment and your fellow Californians. Athens Services conducts periodic E-waste collections for the cities they service; any upcoming events will be announced through residents’ billing statements. L.A. County also conducts Hazardous Waste Roundups for further details, please call (888) CLEAN-LA. For additional information on E-Waste recycling options, please click on the various resource links below.

Commercial Customers

Contact us to learn about available commercial electronic waste collection services. You can also click on the links below for additional resources.

E-Waste Recycling Resources

Please contact any of the agencies or companies below to meet your E-Waste recycling needs.


  • LA Shares - 
LA SHARES is a non-profit materials reuse program which takes donations of reusable goods and materials and redistributes these items FREE OF CHARGE to nonprofit organizations and schools throughout Los Angeles County.
  • Freecycle - This is an online network for people to give and get stuff for free in their own towns.
  • Donate or Sell - Consider utilizing other reuse options such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, and/or Craigslist.


  • 888CleanLA Helpline - Call (888) CLEAN LA (888-253-2652) or visit 
the 888CleanLA website for details on their periodic L.A. County Hazardous Waste Round-ups.
  • S.A.F.E Centers - Permanent Collection Centers in the City of Los Angeles. E-waste recycling and disposal options are available for residents and businesses (by appointment only). Locations, hours and times are limited.
  • Hewlett-Packard - Product Return and Recycling.
  • Dell Computers - Enter "recycling" in search menu for the link to updated product return program information.
  • RBRC - Visit the Rechargeable Battery and Cell Phone recycling website for a list of retailers who take back rechargeable batteries and cell phones.



  • CalRecycle Directory – Electronic Product Management Directory. Find an organization that reuses or recycles electronics.