Food Waste/Restaurants

Athens Recycling Program

Our Food Waste Recycling Program

Athens Services provides food waste recycling programs for both residential and food service establishments. The collected material is brought to our compost facility American Organics, where it will be processed into nutrient rich compost for agricultural end users.

Athens Services currently has food waste recycling programs for the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Redondo Beach. We are working with other municipalities to expand this great program.

We are a certified processor for the City of Los Angeles’, Commercial Food Waste Recycling Program helping businesses divert their food discards from landfill and into valuable soil amendment. To see if you qualify for the Los Angeles food waste program, please email us or call 877-278-2220.

Acceptable Food Waste Items

As part of the food waste program Athens Services is able to collect and compost all food (including meat and dairy), paper products, plant trimmings, wood, compostable serving-ware, and waxed cardboard.

The Importance of Food Waste Recycling

76% of the waste coming from restaurants and other food service establishments is organic and can be recycled. On a yearly average, a restaurant disposes more than 50 tons of organic waste. 100% of this waste would be destined for landfill if not hauled and processed by a permitted food waste, recycling company like Athens Services.

Food Waste Recycling Program Services

Athens Services’ experts are able to help businesses setup a successful food waste program by providing the following:

  • Personalized Service
  • Free Site Check
  • Free Estimates
  • Free Training of Staff (in English and Spanish)
  • Free Container Labels and Posters
  • Customized Bins
  • Temporary and Scheduled Service
  • No Extra or Hidden Fees
  • Competitive Rates and Potential Cost Reduction

To inquire about our Food Waste Recycling Program or for a free consultation, please email us or call 877-278-2220 TODAY!

Visit American Organics for more information on our compost facility.